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Banana Mag by Artist Bran
Nestled amidst a captivating array of historical artifacts spanning centuries and continents lies Bran’s artwork, a mesmerizing addition to the Re:Loaded showcase.
Here, within the same venue that houses the legendary horse armor belonging to Henry VIII, the storied weapons of 16th-century Japanese samurais, and the intriguing gold AK-47 once owned by Saddam Hussein’s estate, Bran’s creations stand out as a testament to artistic innovation.
Amidst relics from pivotal conflicts like the Battle of Agincourt to the tumultuous World War II era, Bran’s work breathes new life into the space, offering a compelling juxtaposition between the brutality of war and the enduring power of creativity. 
Sara Davies 
The Standard – Leeds, UK. 

Explore the Royal Armouries’ collection of firearms in a new way. Guns are powerful weapons. They can be loaded with meaning as well as bullets.