Hollywood Reloaded


Terry O’Neill and Bran Symondson Collaborate on Celebrity Photo Exhibition ‘Hollywood Re-Loaded’

‘Hollywood Reloaded’ made its debut at Annabel’s in London in 2019, presenting a daring reinterpretation of Terry O’Neill’s iconic portraits featuring Hollywood legends posing with firearms.

This exhibition boldly juxtaposes portraits of luminaries like Michael Caine, Brigitte Bardot, and Roger Moore, each wielding a sleek firearm, now marked by bullet holes inflicted by ex-Special Forces-turned-artist and reportage photographer, Bran Symondson, using the same gun depicted in each portrait.

In this striking display, guns and the violence they represent take center stage, displacing the glamour of Hollywood stars and the idealized image they often convey. Through the literal lens of the bullet holes, viewers are compelled to confront the true nature and destructive impact of firearms, challenging the glorification of weapons prevalent in Hollywood’s portrayal.

‘Hollywood Reloaded’ prompts a critical reflection on the depiction of firearms in popular culture, urging viewers to reconsider the narratives surrounding these lethal symbols.

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