Maddox Gallery - Texas 2016

The year Bran’s work was prohibited from entering the United States underscored the perplexing decisions made by certain authorities within the country.

Artist Bran's work banned from USA

La Colombe d’Or Fine Art Gallery teamed up with Maddox Gallery for their 2016 Houston Pop-up Exhibtion

Maddox Gallery, one of the United Kingdom’s most exciting emerging contemporary art destinations, collaborated with iconic hotel and art gallery La Colombe d’Or in August 2016, their first U.S. pop-up exhibition. The group exhibition from Mayfair-based Maddox Gallery featured new and recent art from some of the most popular artists on the gallery’s international roster and many who were showing in Houston for their first time.

Artists include Bradley Theodore, Lincoln Townley, Finn Stone, Simafra, Bran Symondson, Massimo Agostinelli, and Dan Baldwin.

Regrettably, artist Bran faced a setback as his works were barred from entry into the country by the ATF. The incident swiftly generated international attention, making headlines on prominent news outlets such as CNN, Fox News, and the BBC.

Despite the prohibition on his deactivated AK-47s, Bran’s experience took a turn when, within a mere five minutes of arrival in Houston, he managed to purchase a fully automatic AK-47, complete with ammunition. This unexpected development sent shockwaves through the media, underscoring the complexities of gun regulations and enforcement. 

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